​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Increased production capacity at Arla Foods

Thanks to a new revolutionary disc stack design, Arla Foods in Vimmerby, Sweden processes up to 40 percent more milk in its two separators from Tetra Pak. ​

​At Arla Foods’ milk powder plant in Vimmerby, Sweden there are always improvement projects in the works. One of them proved to be extremely successful. Arla Foods in Vimmerby teamed up with Tetra Pak in a technology development project with the aim to drastically increase separation capacity and efficiency. “The separation technology hasn’t really evolved much since the 1950s, so it was exciting to be part of this project,” says Allan Leandersson, Project Leader Product & Technology Development at the Vimmerby site.

Traditional separator discs have spacers welded to the discs. The new technology features a high number of polynodes that are totally integrated in the disc material. This secures an even distance between the discs, allowing for more discs to be stacked in the separator. In turn, this results in a much higher separation efficiency.

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Food engineers examines separator discs, Arla Food