Market share up with 3.5% during triple campaign period

Scan and win promotions based on Tetra Pak® Connected Package Platform have been tried successfully by a multinational dairy producer based in Europe in three separate campaigns between March 2019 and July 2020. On 31 December 2018, their share of the national flavoured milk market was 30.3% but it had reached 33.8% by June 2020. It is safe to assume that these campaigns combined with advertising and in-store promotion contributed to this significant increase in market share. 

Happy girls drinking milk

Challenge – increase penetration and number of purchases

The main market for flavoured milk is children but it is usually their parents who buy the products. The aim was to gain greater penetration and awareness among young consumers and to encourage repeat purchases in this competitive market.

Solution –  scan and win campaign

After a pilot trail in 2018, three scan and win campaigns were launched by the company in the space of just over a year. The first campaign ran for 11 weeks from March 2019, the second for 13 weeks from September 2019 and the third for 16 weeks from April 2020.

To participate, consumers were required to download an app, available via Google Play and Apple Store, and use it to scan the unique code on the top of every Tetra Brik® Aseptic Slim 200 package featured in the campaign. They received a point for every scanned code, enabling them to participate in draws for a range of prizes including BMX bikes, hoverboards, cinema tickets and a special prize of a trip for four to Disneyland Paris. There were also instant prizes for the 10,000 quickest users to scan six packages. Using the app was easy and fun, and any questions were answered in real time by the app’s support team. About 1% of scans led to a prize.

We supported the customer by supplying packages featuring a unique QR code, generated by us. We supplied the back-end IT solution based on Tetra Pak Consumer Engagement APIs. We also provided the Campaign Portal  tools for real-time scanning data so the customer could gain a better understanding of who is purchasing their products and when.

An ingenious piece of design was to place the QR code partially under the crease of the fold at the top so it could not be read until the package was unfolded. The aim was to protect from fraudulent scanning in stores.

The company promoted the third campaign from April to July 2020 using national television advertising and point-of-sale material at 250 large supermarkets sometimes supported by sales personnel who manned special in-store displays. In this third campaign, the number of scans (nearly 300,000) was a large improvement on the previous two scan and win campaigns. So consumers of flavoured milk do not seem to tire of this type of campaign but, on the contrary, become more familiar with the concept.

Case in short

Result achieved:

Market share up from 30.3% to 33.8% within 18 months.

Campaign start and duration March 2019: 11 weeks September 2019: 13 weeks April 2020: 16 weeks
App downloads 33,619 26,775 33,059
Active users 23,334 17,011 23,548
Total scans 255,549 217,801 299,728