Kartonkikilpailu school competition empowers Finnish kids for carton recycling awareness

In 2018, Tetra Pak initiated Kartonkikilpailu ("The Carton Match") school competition in Finland, aimed at educating and inspiring children and their families about the significance of recycling and the value of used cartons as a valuable resource for creating new products.

Kids holding carton packages and showing thumbs up in front of a carton recycling station

In 2018, Tetra Pak rolled out "The Carton Match" school competition in Finland (www.kartonkikilpailu.fi) in collaboration with Eckes Granini, Fazer Aito, and Rinki. This initiative aims to raise consumer awareness about the significance of recycling, the recycling process, and the valuable role used cartons play in creating new products.

With the support of our esteemed partners, "The Carton Match" competition offers a unique opportunity for schoolchildren to participate in recycling and environmental initiatives actively. The competition comprises an engaging introductory quiz on recycling, as well as three exciting "matches" that encourage creativity and teamwork:

  • Match 1: Design new recycling instructions for carton packages
  • Match 2: Creating a recycling campaign
  • Match 3: Spreading the word to one hundred people, documenting the activity

Through these fun and educational tasks, we aim to foster responsible recycling habits among the young participants and inspire them to involve their families and communities in recycling efforts. By participating in "The Carton Match," children learn about the importance of recycling and become passionate advocates for a more sustainable future.

Our partners Eckes Granini, Fazer Aito, and Rinki play a vital role in supporting and co-hosting the competition, further strengthening this initiative's impact. Together, we are nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who understand the significance of recycling and its role in building a greener world.

With inspiring materials, engaging videos, and exciting tasks, "The Carton Match" catalyses positive change and promotes a culture of responsible recycling in Finland.

Kids collecting carton packages in a recycling bag


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