Coca-Cola Brasil, Cervejaria Ambev and Tetra Pak collaborate to empower waste pickers and boost recycling

Reciclar pelo Brasil (Recycle for Brazil), established in 2018 by Coca-Cola Brasil Cervejaria Ambev and waste-picker association ANCAT, is a collaborative corporate initiative to support selective collection and recycling in alignment with the Brazil's National Solid Waste Policy. The initiative, which Tetra Pak subsequently joined, works in conjunction with waste pickers' cooperatives across the country to enhance their working conditions, increase efficiency and productivity, and elevate the volumes of recycling materials, thereby augmenting waste pickers’ income.

Sorting recyclables in Brazil

Image: Sorting recyclables in Brazil

Background and initiative – increasing package recycling rates

Reciclar pelo Brasil adopts a comprehensive strategy focused on increasing packaging recycling rates. The platform implements a range of actions requiring constant monitoring and development to facilitate large-scale improvements and increase capacity across the country.

The initiative invested in new technical developments for recycling and products, creating value throughout the recycling chain. By developing products with higher added value, Reciclar pelo Brasil aims to enhance the value of the raw materials in the recycling process, benefiting the entire purchase and separation chain. This approach fosters a growing interest in packaging materials for cooperatives and recycling businesses.

Results – expansion of recycling activities throughout Brazil

Reciclar pelo Brasil has made notable impacts in its years of existence, successfully empowering waste pickers' cooperatives, improving their working conditions and enhancing productivity. As a result, recycling rates have increased, contributing to the overall progress of Brazil's recycling efforts.

The strategic and equitable expansion of recycling activities throughout Brazil has led to a broader reach of the initiative's positive effects. Waste pickers' cooperatives benefit from legal and accounting regularisation, better administrative and financial management, and improved operational and production practices.

Recycling workers pose with a new electric collection vehicle

Image: Recycling workers pose with a new electric collection vehicle

Looking forward – more recycling and better working conditions

Reciclar pelo Brasil continues to monitor and develop recycling efforts in Brazil. The initiative's commitment to enhancing the working conditions at waste pickers' cooperatives, along with the ongoing investment in technology, drives the growth of recycling rates and positively impacts the overall recycling ecosystem in the country. By fostering collaborations and partnerships, Reciclar pelo Brasil aims to create even more value and a lasting impact on Brazil's recycling landscape.


Companies involved
Coca-Cola, ANCAT, Ambev, Vigor, BRF, Embaré

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