Accessing the right expertise at the right time  

California-based producer obtains the services it needs to meet regulatory requirements– and enhances product quality and brand protection

This California-based co-packer produces a broad product range for consumers in the United States and Canada: dairy beverages, non-dairy beverages, nutritional beverages, soups & broths, ready-to-drink tea & coffee, and wine & spirits.

Their high number of SKUs (stock keeping units) requires frequent changeovers, so optimising maintenance time is essential.

Due to limited in-house capacity, they required assistance with their annual critical control point (CCP) Challenges of the Processing System. This procedure is necessary to legal and internal quality requirements.

Service engineer with calibrating equipment

Solution: we delivered CCP Challenges of the Processing System and set the stage for even more efficiency improvements

We delivered the annual CCP Challenges of the Processing System, allowing the customer to meet regulatory and internal quality requirements. This service also offers the benefit of increased product consistency and brand protection. The service was executed efficiently, with no additional downtime observed during ramp-up after completion.

This procedure was added to another service already in place: Calibration of the Processing System. Calibration of the Processing System helps ensure consistent product quality and equipment performance, as well as lower operational costs.

The next step will be to combine the two services in the same maintenance event window, as part of a two-year integrated service agreement. This will enable additional reductions in downtime and deliver the benefits of an integrated approach:

  • Preventive maintenance that maximises equipment uptime
  • The full expertise of an end-to-end provider
  • A single point of contact for greater efficiency

Results achieved

  • Government regulations and internal quality requirements met
  • Consistent product quality and optimised equipment performance
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased efficiency when two services combined in same maintenance event window
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Maintenance Services

We cover the full spectrum of maintenance to secure your equipment reliability. Our skilled service engineers make sure everything, from single production units to your full plant, is kept in shape.