Sorting pilot project - Aksu and Corlu

Collection & sorting

People sorting cartons manually

In order to recover cartons from mixed packaging and organic waste streams, Tetra Pak initiated sorting operations in five different cities in collaboration with waste processing plant operators. By tapping into new waste carton supply channels, we were able to explore a wider range of sorting facilities in the country, over 800 licenced plants in total. Our aim is to prevent cartons from being buried in landfills or burnt for energy recovery; and secure that sorted cartons are diverted to dedicated recyclers for an efficient material recycling process. Depending on the waste material input volume and carton packages in the mixture, two sorting methods are applied. For most small scale facilities, manual sorting is the solution utilized, whereas for facilites with large input volumes and high carton content, more advanced practices are preffered, such as optical sorters integrated into the automated processing lines.

Carton sorting facility with automated processing line

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Aksu Collection & Sorting Facilities, Corlu Packaging Sorting Plant

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