Predictive Maintenance services help dairy producer avoid over 140 hours of downtime

A South American dairy wanted less unplanned downtime, and to reduce the number of packs that went to waste every day. The failures were caused by different kinds of breakdowns and malfunctions – for example, worn-out shafts due to broken lubrication pipes and low pressure in a hydraulic pump.

Predicting failures before they happen

Predictive Maintenance with Condition Monitoring allow us to predict failures before they occur. By using real-time monitoring of critical equipment areas, we identify deviations in machine functions that could lead to machine stops or breakdowns.

Reducing downtime and waste

The financial value of the improved maintenance service setup was approximately €121,000 during the first seven months. Thanks to the lines being Condition Monitoring enabled, the customer managed to avoid over 140 hours of unscheduled downtime. Furthermore, 4,200 less packs were wasted.


  • €121,000 saved the first seven months
  • Over 140 hours of downtime avoided
  • 4,200 less packs wasted
Operator in factory