Social reconnect

The pandemic has reinforced the value consumers place on human connections, both the additional time spent with family within the home, and the often virtual connections with an extended circle outside it. Shared food and beverage experiences often pay a key role in these connections.

Opportunity: Together out of home

As some regions begin to reopen after lockdown, consumers are becoming interested in out-of-home experiences that feel safe. Together out of home has seen a 56% increase in occasion occurrences since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, topping the list in our Demand Space study.

Case study: TIAL, Brazil

Packages from the Brazilian market

TIAL, a pioneer in ready-to-drink juices in Brazil, had recently completed a brand refresh when COVID-19 struck. Among the innovations was a new tagline, “Tasty and True”, to reinforce the brand’s commitment to the quality and flavour of its products, which have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Product innovations included new lines enriched with minerals, fibres and collagen, refreshing low calorie options in and a range of juices for kids in packages including Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 330 Square, Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200 Slim and Tetra Brik Aseptic 1 litre.

The launch campaign set out to build a strong emotional connection with consumers during this challenging period, using the extensive branding opportunities offered by the package itself to convey inspirational, motivational messaging and create shelf impact. The team tweaked the already developed campaign to include powerful messages adapted to the “new normal”: “In the absence of hugs, I choose to smile!”, “Everything’s changed, but hope hasn’t!” and “It’s time for internal changes!”. The campaign focused on retail point of sale, supported by messaging in and around the store.

“Consumers loved the campaign, with many posting package phrases in their social media and tagging TIAL,” says Rafaela Virga Carvalho, Marketing Manager at Tetra Pak. Results were excellent, especially for the 1 litre products, with volumes up by 27% in Q3 2020 versus Q3 2019* at a time when the category was heavily impacted by the pandemic. “We are very happy with the result of this new brand communication – and Tetra Pak was fundamental in the entire concept and creation process that we were looking for,” says Victor Wanderley, Director of TIAL.

* Source: Nielsen Retail Index

Case study buzzbox™, USA

For a fast-growing brand that’s ideally placed to leverage the growth in “together out of home” moments, look no further than buzzbox™. The American company manufactures ready-to-drink premium cocktails with top-quality spirits, juice and all-natural flavours packaged in 200ml Tetra Pak® aseptic carton packages.

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