​​Tetra Pak® Cottage Cheese Vat H2
​Horizontal curd making vat for cottage cheese​​

The Tetra Pak® Cottage Cheese Vat H2 is a totally enclosed, fully automated, completely CIP-able cottage cheese vat built to USDA standards.

The fully enclosed Tetra Pak Cottage Cheese Vat H2 reduces the potential for airborne extraneous or biological matter to enter the process and reduces the ability of the room to affect things like temperature of the milk during the set process. The vat has a heating jacket which utilizes steam to gently cook the curd.

The agitator knives on the Tetra Pak Cottage Cheese Vat H2 are designed to produce consistent curd particle size. The vat is available in capacities from 20,000 to 40,000 pounds.

Note: Tetra Pak Cottage Cheese Vat H2​ is only available on the US market.​

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