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At Tetra Pak, we work with you to make sure you get the right technology for your application and capacity needs. To find a continuous freezer that meets the demands of your operation – engineered for excellence and long-term profitability – download our range brochure.

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Giving consumers the ice cream experience they crave comes down to your freezing process. Based on decades of innovation, our continuous freezer technologies give you unmatched control to achieve the right qualities every single time. Visit our page to discover innovations that help you reduce costs and deliver high consistency for any type of frozen dessert product.

For integrators and distributors

Are you supplying a processing solution and looking for the right separator to meet your customer’s needs? Tetra Pak works closely with integrators and distributors all over the world, and we’re happy to share our application experience. Together with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions, our trained experts are here to make sure your project is a success.


Visit our page for integrators and distributors to learn more about how we can support you today.

Looking for other components?

Need to increase your capacity, extend your product range or upgrade a current line? From homogenizers to separators, mixers, heat exchangers and more, we have a comprehensive portfolio of components designed to optimise your processing. Robust and customisable, they are designed to ensure high performance that helps you minimise energy consumption, downtime and waste.


When you work with Tetra Pak, you can be confident that every step will be as simple as possible: from purchase and installation to daily operation and maintenance. You also get access to world-class experts that work with you to adapt solutions according to your specific production demands. And all of our technologies are backed by a global organisation with leading application experience as well as 24/7 service and parts support.