Measuring our progress

Tetra Pak’s target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across the value chain by 2050 has been approved by Science Based Target initiative (SBTi)*. We committed to set such a target in October 2021 under the Business Ambition for 1.5°C. For us, this means a 46% reduction of absolute scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions by 2030, and a 90% reduction across the same set of scopes by 2050.

In addition, Tetra Pak commits to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its own operations (scopes 1, 2 and business travel) by 2030. To achieve that, we are targeting 100% renewable electricity in our operations by 2030 in line with RE100 commitment, phasing out the use of fossil fuels in our onsite vehicles and offsite global car fleet, and halving travel related emissions by 2030 compared to 2019 by reducing the number of trips and increasing the use of alternatives to air travel for short haul. 

As part of the commitment, and to balance residual emissions, we invested in an industry-first nature-based land restoration programme in Brazil: The Araucaria Conservation Programme. The programme is set to restore up to 7,000 hectares of degraded land in the Atlantic Forest and it includes the certification of up to 13.7 million hectares under international voluntary carbon and biodiversity standards** for carbon sequestration measurement. 

*Our trajectory towards net-zero emission across our own operations by 2030, and across our value chain by 2050, builds on a combination of reduction and mitigation of emissions in our own operations as well as our customers’ use of our products, our material suppliers' emissions, and compensation of residual emissions initially via our land restoration project.

**Certification of the project to the Verra VCS and CCB standards.


The CDP A List

In 2021, we were rated as a leader by CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process, widely recognised as the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency, for the seventh year in a row.


Tetra Pak is the only company in the carton packaging sector to be included in the CDP leadership band for seven years in a row and to score an outstanding double ‘A’ for climate and forests in 2022 for four consecutive years.

Tetra Pak is part of a very small number of companies that achieved a double ‘A’ score, out of nearly 18,700 companies that were scored based on data submitted through CDP’s questionnaires in 2022. Through significant demonstrable action on climate and deforestation risks, the company is leading on corporate environmental ambition, action and transparency worldwide.

Taking ‘best practice’ action on tackling deforestation

More than 2,700 companies worldwide are requested to disclose through CDP on their involvement in the production or sourcing of seven key commodities that drive the most agricultural deforestation globally: timber products, palm oil, soy, cattle products, rubber, cocoa and coffee. In 2022, only 13% of disclosing companies were identified by CDP as taking ‘good practice’ action to protect forests in their supply chains. Tetra Pak is one of the four pioneering companies performing at a level considered best practice in the newly launched ‘The collective effort to end deforestation’ report.