​During the 2007 World Environment Day, Tetra Pak signed the 1st voluntary packaging agreement, organized by the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore. This voluntary packaging agreement, named the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) was developed as a means for NEA to work in partnership with the industry to reduce packaging waste through better design and production processes and facilitate the reuse or recycling of used packaging materials.​
Illustration of Tetra Pak and NEA dedicated to reduce waste
​When it was first introduced, Tetra Pak was one of 162 signatories to be a part of the Singapore Packaging Agreement.

The implementation of the SPA is overseen by a Governing Board and Tetra Pak Jurong is currently a member of the SPA governing board.

Tetra Pak and NEA are dedicated to reduce waste.
National Environment Agency 
Picking package from shelf

3R Packaging Award

SPA launched the annual 3R Packaging Awards in 2008 to recognize signatories who have made notable efforts and achievements in reducing packaging waste.Tetra Pak Jurong has been a Distinction Award winner since the award inception and and has also been awarded the Platinum Award from 2014-2016.

  • 3R Distinction Award 2008
  • 3R Distinction Award 2009
  • 3R Distinction Award 2010
  • 3R Distinction Award 2011
  • 3R Distinction Award 2012
  • 3R Distinction Award 2013
  • 3R Distinction Award 2014
  • 3R Platinum Award 2014
  • 3R Distinction Award 2015
  • 3R Platinum Award 2015
  • 3R Distinction Award 2016
  • 3R Platinum Award 2016
3R Packaging Awards in 2018

SPA 10th Anniversary Award

In 2017, Tetra Pak was one of SPA’s 10th Anniversary Special Achievement Award winners. The prestigious one-off award recognises Tetra Pak as one of the consistent and top performers when it comes to reducing packaging wastes.

  • 10th Anniversary Special Achievement Award Winner
SPA’s 10th Anniversary Special Achievement Award