Tetra Pak® TR/28 XH

The clean, lean, green filling machine

  • Best-in-class hygiene maintains food safety
  • Engineered to reduce waste and cut costs
  • Resource efficient – recycling of water in cooling system, low energy and chemical consumption
Tetra Pak® TR/28 XH


Operator Interface

Operator Interface

Easy to learn and easy to use

Using this large, touch-sensitive panel with its straightforward graphic symbols and helptext in the local language, helps operators work more efficiently. Any necessary adjustments can be made directly from the panel in real time. Cleaning and sterilisation can be scheduled to run at pre-set times from the operator panel.


Horizontal tables for fast and easy loading

Loading the machine is easy thanks to the ergonomic design of the tables, which follows NIOSH standards. Placed at a convenient height, operators don't have to lift heavy loads over their heads - boosting productivity and preventing injuries.
Preparation Table: TR/27 XH * Feeding Table: 2 X 750 Blanks * Loading Intervals: 6 minutes

Bottom folding and sealing

Strong, stable and tightly sealed

The temperature-controlled heaters and mandrel tops, combined with a longer cooling period, result in strong bottom seals and very low risk of pinholes. All of which raises product safety.

Carton disinfection

Safe and efficient package disinfection

To ensure consistent cleaning and disinfection, 3.0 % hydrogen peroxide (H202) in the form of hot vapour is applied inside the carton (a nozzle reaches deep inside the package to ensure thorough coverage). The H202 coverage is activated by passing the cartons through three UV lights stations with patented parabolic reflectors. Lastly, hot air removes residual H202 to an undetectable level.

Fill system

Greater safety, lower costs

With a fill accuracy up to ± 1 gr per 1000 ml volume (actual standard deviation 0.5 gr), the double diaphragm system allows you to fill accurately and consistently, minimising over-filling. A controlled, sterile environment and an automatically closing lid -which shuts during cleaning and intermediate stops - makes the system both safe and efficient.

Top sealing

High performance with tight seals

The mechanically driven top sealers in stainless steel are engineered for consistent performance with strong, reliable seals that don’t leak.

Integrated Cleaning System

Integrated Cleaning System

Best-in-class food hygiene

Compared to manual cleaning, this efficient, automated cleaning system gives a better result, yet consumes less energy, utilities and chemicals. Over-pressure keeps the machine sterile inside. Sloped tables make for efficient draining; high-velocity spinning nozzles apply pre-set temperature and concentration levels to ensure consistent and thorough cleaning inside and out, every time.

Cap applicator (optional)

Cap applicator (optional)

Low noise and high performance

The integrated applicator is suitable for both the TwistCap and TwistCap Barrier closures. Since the caps are sealed ultrasonically, you can count on a tight, accurate seal at high speed, which helps protect the filled product.

Package Types

Tetra Rex® Base

Tetra Rex® Base

237 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 375 ml, 473 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml, 750 ml, 946 ml, 1000 ml

Tetra Rex® High

Tetra Rex® High

500 ml