By promoting a culture of learning, and sharing knowledge and experience across the business, we enable our people to reach their full potential, while we continue to attract and retain the very best.

​​​Competences for the future

Tetra Pak Academy

Tetra Pak Academy offers a comprehensive business-driven learning portfolio that can be aligned with individual development needs, helping people develop the competences needed to support our own growth and that of our customers, and to realize their own potential. It also coordinates and manages learning activities across all Tetra Pak locations and functions. By bringing all our learning activities under one umbrella, we can avoid duplication, ensure that content and messages are aligned, simplify access to learning and clearly identify strategic priorities.

Developing and managing performance

We proactively develop our employees and offer them inspiring new challenges. Individual performance goals and development plans align corporate and individual objectives, and are agreed in conjunction with managers.

Our programme for competence development focuses on cross-functional, company-wide areas such as customer understanding, leadership, project management and quality, as well as more function-based skills such as selling service and portfolio management. On average, each employee has 2.5 days’ formal learning each year.

Our Leadership Acceleration Programme aims to develop the next generation of top managers. In 2015, 35 participants took part, representing 15 nationalities. A new programme that focuses on leading intercultural and virtual teams, Leading Across Cultures Remotely, was successfully rolled out in 2015 and will continue to be deployed in 2016.

We run training focused specifically on deepening understanding of our Code of Business Conduct and our environmental management across the business. An interactive e-learning module on corporate governance was successfully delivered to all Tetra Pak employees during 2015.

We regularly evaluate performance through a company-wide review process, and offer financial incentives for reaching goals, including environmental targets such as recycling rates and greenhouse gas emissions.

Manager in factory

Informal learning

A fundamental part of employee development at Tetra Pak is learning on the job and being coached by colleagues.

Our global mentoring programme brings together senior managers with emerging leaders. The year-long programme includes monthly mentoring meetings, job shadowing and projects that allow mentees to widen their experience and network as they learn from our most experienced leaders. In 2016 the programme is running with 20 mentor/mentee pairs.

The Technical Talent Programme gives promising engineering students the opportunity to spend time working at Tetra Pak while still studying, gaining valuable “real world” experience.

All employees have access to Tetra Pak Academy Online, a virtual learning library with a broad range of materials from respected thought leaders and business schools around the world.

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