Our purpose:

We commit to making food safe and available, everywhere and we promise to protect what’s good: food, people and the planet.

We firmly believe that being able to access safe and nutritious food should be considered a right, not a privilege. But how do you package a litre of milk, transport it to where it’s needed most, and know that when it’s eventually opened, even months later, it is safe and tasty to drink? That’s the challenge we solve with our customers every day. The ‘how’ is a little technical however...

We pioneered aseptic technology, which allows us to package a commercially sterile food product so that it can last longer, be distributed further and stored without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. This innovative technology underpins our ability to get food and drink that is safe to consume to the remotest parts of the world where access to safe food cannot be taken for granted.

And this kind of technology has never been more in-need. By 2030, there will be even more people in the world – all of whom will be relying on a healthy, nourishing and affordable diet to thrive. Our ability to make sure food and drink can reach the people who need it, while protecting its nutritional quality will only become ever more important.  

But we can’t do this at the expense of our planet. While rising to the challenge of meeting the growing demand for food, the world also urgently needs businesses to find new ways of operating that respond to the climate crisis, protecting and restoring the environment. 

Our heritage of innovation and restless pursuit to secure access to safe, nutritious food for all still drives us. Today, we need to do that sustainably, finding new ways, with new collaborations, to help deliver the solutions our customers need, in a way that enables communities and the planet to flourish.

How we live our purpose

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Go nature. Go carton.

Our ambition is to lead the sustainability transformation within our industry. Explore the priorities that guide us in our collaborations for enabling systemic change.

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Moving food forward

Learn more about how we are doing our part to shape a world with secure and sustainable food systems.

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School feeding programmes

The first school milk programme using Tetra Pak packages was introduced in 1962. We have since then continued to support our customers and work in collaboration with Governments, NGOs and UN Agencies in the development and implementation of school feeding programmes around the world.

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Dairy hubs

We support our customers with Dairy Hub projects that set up milk collection infrastructure and provide hands-on practical training to give more smallholder farmers access to formal markets.

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Aseptic solutions for safe food

Our aseptic technology keeps food safe, flavourful and extends its shelf life for up to six months without refrigeration or preservatives, making it easier to transport over long distances. ​Aseptic processes also ensure food and packaging materials are free of harmful bacteria when food is packaged.

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Discover our sustainable solutions

Find out how our solutions can help lower your climate footprint – from renewable, responsibly sourced carton packages to processing technologies and services that reduce water, energy and waste.


Explore our purpose in action

Driven by purpose, this year and every year

Our annual Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive picture of our ambition to lead the sustainability transformation across all areas of our business and our value chain, as well as the progress towards our goals.