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Tetra Pak kicks off the 2023-2024 Carton Challenge, a recycling competition for Swedish, Danish and Finnish school children, which the company has organized during the past 12 years together with its partners. This year’s Carton Challenge will take place between August 10, 2023 and March 17, 2024 in Denmark and Sweden and from August 1, 2023 to March 17, 2024 in Finland.

All pre-school and school children are invited to take part in the competition, as follows:

·       Sweden: pre-school and school children ages -12 years

·       Denmark: school children ages 6-12 years

·       Finland: school children ages 7-12 years

With the aim of spreading knowledge and boosting commitment among young people on the environment, sustainability and recycling, Tetra Pak is organizing this competition together with Arla, Skånemejerier, Norrmejerier, Fiskeby Board, Fti, Eckes Granini (God Morgon), Eckes Granin/Marli Juissi, Naturli, Co-Ro (Sun-Lolly), Rynkeby, Fazer Aito and Rinki.

Berit Hoffman, Marketing Director of Tetra Pak North Europe is delighted to kick off this year’s competition: “The Carton Challenge has helped create desire, joy and understanding for recycling of carton packaging for more than 320,000 children in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The collection of carton packaging for recycling is important as it constitutes a valuable raw material for new products. By teaching children how to recycle, we are not only preparing for a better future, we also know that children are excellent ambassadors at home”.

The Carton Challenge consists of three parts, and depending on the children’s age group they can choose to:

1.     Recycle cartons at home and publish their work on the Carton Challenge website.

2.     Create a recycling campaign which is selected for printing on real cartons. 

3.     Spread the news about recycling to at least 100 persons.

Everyone who participates and passes the three mandatory parts of the challenge will receive a diploma from Tetra Pak for their efforts, and the following prizes will be handed out:

·       In Sweden: One winner in these categories: Preschool class, F-3 class and 4-6 class. The winners get SEK 10,000 to spend on an activity of their choice.

·       In Finland: One winner in these categories: 1-3 class and 4-6 class. The winners get EUR 1,000 to spend on an activity of their choice.

·       In Denmark:  One winner in these categories: Børnhave-3 and 4-6 class. The winners get DKK 6,500 to spend on an activity of their choice.


Teachers in Sweden, Denmark and Finland are encouraged to sign up their school classes for participation in the Carton Challenge here:


·       Sweden:

·       Denmark:

·       Finland:


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