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Simplified material structures can make recycling more economically viable

The design of packaging plays a critical role in its recyclability. We are taking a circular approach to the design of our food packages. Paper-based cartons are already recyclable and recycled where collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure exist. By developing a simplified material structure and increasing the share of paper-based content, we can contribute to increasing recycling and ensure that more of our cartons are transformed into valuable materials and products.

Re-designing packaging through a circular lens

Following the successful completion of a 15-month commercial technology validation of a polymer-based barrier substituting the aluminium foil layer, we are now moving to the next level of development - testing a fibre-based barrier that is a first within food carton packages distributed under ambient conditions.

With these initiatives, we will increase the post-consumption value of our cartons to recyclers, making it more economically worthwhile to collect and process our cartons. We also improve circularity and reduce the carton’s overall impact on climate. 

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Our focus areas

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Sustainable & anti-littering openings

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Plant-based renewable materials

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Keeping existing materials in use with certified recycled polymers

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