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Reducing water consumption in your operations

Taking a systematic approach to the efficient use of resources along our value chain is an integral part of our business. We are working to help our food processing customers understand, monitor and reduce water in their operations.

The Tetra Pak® Water Filtering Station (WFS) removes lubrication, residues from packaging material, hydrogen peroxide and alkaline pH and circulates clean water, free from all contaminants, back into the system. This reduces water consumption in filling lines by up to 95%1.

By improving water quality, the Water Filtering Station also increases the lifetime of components in the filling machine, because filtered water is free from H2O particles, oil, grease and other contaminants that damage parts. 

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Reduce energy, water and waste

Our Expert Services for Plant Optimisation can help reduce your overall environmental footprint via energy, water and waste savings.

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Discover our plant-based portfolio

Our portfolio of plant-based carton packages features responsibly sourced, renewable materials like paperboard and sugarcane polymers used for caps, protective layers and coatings – all from certified responsibly managed and controlled sources.

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Save energy with Tetra Pak® Service solutions

With a long history of innovation and expertise in food and beverage, we provide a variety of services to enhance food production while reducing energy consumption. Tetra Pak® Food Grade Lubricants ensure food safety while reducing energy loss compared to traditional mineral oils. And our processing upgrade, Homogenizing Head HD100 can deliver up to 26% energy savings annually by minimising homogenisation pressure needs1.

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Tetra Pak® Processing Solutions to increase efficiency

Cut water and energy use from your food production, reduce loss and waste, and improve the performance of your equipment.

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Tetra Pak® Services for improved performance

Mitigate the environmental impact and costs of your operations and identify ways to save water, CO2 and waste across your operations.

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Tetra Pak® Packaging solutions designed towards recycling

Reduce the carbon footprint of your carton packages and cater to consumer preferences with our portfolio of sustainable and responsibly sourced plant-based carton packages.