As the world evolves, our customers continue to face new challenges

As the world evolves, our customers continue to face new challenges. At the same time, exciting advancements in technology are happening around the world every day. We remain ready to unleash the potential of these technologies, using them to create breakthrough processing, packaging and service solutions for our customers. That’s how we will help shape a more efficient, resourceful and sustainable food and beverage industry.


Digital Plant Engineering platform

We collaborated with Hexagon, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions to offer virtual visualisation of plants. It allows us to collaborate with customers, colleagues and suppliers globally in designing a total production plant, making it easy to model, simulate, evaluate and select optimal solutions for specific customer needs.

Juice Nectar and Still Drinks Calculation tool

Are you looking to reduce energy and water consumption costs in your JNSD production? We created an innovative new line to help you do just. And we offer a calculation tool to let you see how much you can save with our best-practice line for JNSD with aseptic blending.


Connected packages improve consumer trust

Digitalisation brings new possibilities to packaging, with a unique code turning products into data carriers that can enhance consumer engagement and improve food safety. Increased value chain transparency lets stakeholders build trust, a trend that will rise as traceability continues to advance.

Sterilisation at the speed of light

Based on eBeam, a technology we developed in partnership with COMET, our Tetra Pak® E3 filling machines sterilise packaging material using electron beams. This replaces the hydrogen peroxide process while guaranteeing the same performance.

Towards a fully renewable aseptic carton package

We are on a mission to develop our first-ever fully renewable aseptic carton package with an alternative to the aluminium barrier. Today our Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Edge with Plant-based LightCapTM 30 is the first aseptic carton package certified for surpassing 80% renewable materials.

MiM technology unleashes product innovation

Consumer research shows a clear preference for portion packs with easy openings. Our Micro Injection Moulding (MiM) opening technology offers an enhanced customer experience through enabling greater ease of opening and pouring.


24/7 Remote Support

Our Remote Support service delivers fast answers any time you encounter a problem. Experienced engineers support you at any time and any place, via the communication channel of your choice. You get instant help, both in technical and operational queries, in different languages.

Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement

Connected Workforce by Tetra Pak allows you to continuously improve your operations by sharing best practices and solving problems faster across all your plants. It offers structured communication and learning for your teams.

Predict failures to boost productivity

Predictive Maintenance with Condition Monitoring allows you to predict failures before they happen. By using real-time monitoring of critical equipment parts, Predictive Maintenance identifies deviations in machine functions that could lead to performance issues or machine breakdowns.
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