Market insights report: how to tap into the growing yoghurt market

With this market insights report, we would like to share some of our knowledge about the yoghurt category and its possibilities. Developing premium, value-adding products such as yoghurt is a way to increase a dairy’s opportunities beyond producing just plain white milk.

The global yoghurt market is forecasted to grow at an average rate of 5.36 % per year, according to British market research firm Technavio.

This market insights report contains three parts: a global trend report, a market touchdown as well as key points to consider when choosing a processing partner.

First, we have put together an easy-to-read trend report, where we cover six of the most prominent trends in the yoghurt category today. Trends are continuously changing and reflect today’s ever-shifting consumption patterns, so it is vital to keep track of what is popular to be able to make the right business decisions and investments.

In many ways, yoghurt is a special product. Its taste, texture and stability are very sensitive to certain processing steps. It’s crucial to have deep knowledge of how yoghurt behaves to optimize your yoghurt production so that you can create products with the desired taste, mouthfeel, texture, stability and appearance.  You will also learn about the six key components you need for a successful yoghurt production.

Our case study of a specific market, in this case Switzerland reveal that two of the global trends are specifically apparent in the Swiss market. Here, three of our customers explain what their consumers prefer. 


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Stirred yoghurt in a jar