Why Tetra Pak Homogenizers give you best value in the long run

When you invest in a homogenizer, you need to look beyond the upfront purchase price and consider costs such as energy use and service charges over the longer term. Here are three reasons why a Tetra Pak Homogenizer will give you the lowest total cost of ownership over its lifetime.
HD100 homogenizer part

1. Efficient homogenization

The homogenizing device is the heart of the homogenizer, and Tetra Pak’s HD100 has long been recognized as the most efficient and flexible homogenizing device available. Homogenizers require large amounts of power in the form of pressure to achieve a given product quality. But the HD100 drastically reduces the amount of pressure required to achieve the desired shelf life. So you get the same quality at lower pressure – and up to 30% lower energy consumption compared to conventional homogenizing devices.

2. Turnable parts

This idea is as ingenious as it is simple: we have made key components of our homogenizer turnable. So when one side of the forcer disc and seat, or a valve, gets worn out, simply turn it around and use the other side, doubling the lifetime and significantly cutting spare parts costs. All wear parts are made of highly wear-resistant material to give a longer lifetime and high wear-resistance to abrasive products.

3. Easy access

Time is money, not least when it comes to such a critical part of your operations as your homogenizer. Tetra Pak Homogenizer was designed to ensure fast and easy service access, so that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Service of the piston cartridge can be performed without disconnecting the cooling water pipes, which saves a lot of time. The front hood opens easily to give full access to the wet-end parts, and to access the drive unit, simply unlock the side door. To access the hydraulic unit and crankcase, just lift off two back panels. On conventional homogenizers, changing and servicing the valves in the pump block can take several hours. With Tetra Pak Homogenizer, it takes less than one.

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