Reduce your pressure – reduce your energy costs

By lowering the pressure in its homogenizer, a major dairy was able to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, and get longer service intervals.

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The challenge

At one of the world’s largest butter factories, optimization of its energy use was already built into its operations. But when energy consumption at the plant was mapped, it found further potential to reduce the amount of energy its homogenizer consumed.

Pressure in the homogenizer is directly related to energy consumption, and if the homogenizer could be run at lower pressure, considerable amounts of energy could be saved.

The solution

The factory collaborated with Tetra Pak to validate the performance of the Tetra Pak Homogenizer homogenizing device, the HD EnergyIQ. Requirements for strict hygiene, product quality, food safety and noise were also of utmost importance to the plants owners.

The pioneering design of the HD EnergyIQ makes it possible to lower the pressure substantially compared to the standard device HD100. The starting pressure of 150 bar was lowered to 120 bar. The estimated annual savings at the current capacity – 17,500 litres per hour – would be 68 700 KWh. Furthermore, energy savings with HD EnergyIQ increase with higher capacity.

The flexible pressure and capacity of the HD EnergyIQ device are also of great importance to the plant as they make it possible to adjust the device to variable production capacities.

The result

With HD EnergyIQ the pressure was reduced (compared to when running HD100), while product quality was maintained. The plant can now achieve the highest possible efficiency at the lowest possible homogenizing pressure – without compromising quality or food safety. Lower energy consumption also reduces the environmental impact of the dairy, and the lower noise levels were an added benefit for the working environment.

Key equipment:

  • HD EnergyIQ homogenizing device

Key performance criteria:

  • Reduction of homogenization pressure
  • Lower homogenization pressure with retained milk quality
  • Increased run time between service intervals

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