Live-streamed personal tour – how to maximize plant efficiency with intralogistics

To stay competitive in the digital age, you need to optimize logistics not only outside your plant, but also within your own operations. Find out how during this exclusive live-streamed tour of how smart new technology and equipment achieves fully integrated, automated intralogistics in food and beverage plants. In the 90-minute interactive session broadcast from Lund, Sweden and Viano, Italy, you’ll see how the digital age is reshaping the food and beverage value chain into a value web – and how connecting your business enables faster, more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable operations. We’ll also show you how you can receive a free plant study to reveal your potential savings in terms of time, waste, energy and money, with even minor investments targeting common intralogistics bottlenecks.

Learn more about the nature of intralogistics and how this hidden in plain sight area is a key to unlocking the full potential of your operations. Download leaflet: How to maximize plant efficiency with intralogistics (pdf).

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