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With nearly 70 years of global food knowledge and expertise, we’re the perfect partner to support you in achieving sustainability goals and optimising your operations across the entire production. We offer flexible and future-proven solutions to enable new growth opportunities.

As an integrated solutions provider, you can put atl of your eggs in one basket with Tetra Pak®. Our processing and packaging solutions will help you go all the way from product ideation to product launch, enabling you to fast-track food products to market-without compromising on food safety.

Get the insights: Attitudes towards home-cooking with soups

Did you know that 6 out of 10 consumers say they’ve cooked dinner at home more often than before in the past year? Read our unique report and learn how to shape your soup brand to meet consumer demand for healthy, convenient products.
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Tetra Pak offers a complete co-creation journey to uncover surprising perspectives to scale up – from product ideation and prototyping, to production and that delicious first mouthful – we can help you get your food product to market.
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Join our not-to-miss webinar with forward-looking players in the food ecosystem. Discover the changes that impacted the food industry and what are the new ways of producing food. Build your future-proofed business strategy - sign up now!

Give your idea a home

Looking to capitalise on the growth of online grocery shopping? We have the perfect low carbon, lightweight and space-efficient packaging and vast, international network of co-packers to get your products e-commerce ready fast.

Food Development Centres

Today’s consumers want their soup to be just like home-made. At our Food Development Centres, our experts are on hand to help you develop innovative new products with a healthy, home-cooked touch.