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Sustainable packaging can make a difference

At Tetra Pak, we are taking a circular approach to the design of our food packages to optimise the use of resources along the packaging value chain. That’s why we are focusing on renewable materials, recycled material, sustainable openings and ensuring our packages are designed for recycling.

Our journey

GO sustainable openings

Sustainable openings can help reduce climate impact

Learn more about our developments in sustainable openings.

GO Renewable materials

Renewable materials play an important role in a low-carbon circular economy

Find out how we are increasing the share of renewable materials in our food packages.

GO Recycled materials

Using recycled material helps keep existing material in use

Learn how we are building a portfolio utilising recycled materials.

GO Design for recycling

A more sustainable package begins with a circular design

Find out how our new material structures can make recycling more economically viable.

Explore further

The challenges of sustainable food packaging - infographic

The challenges of Sustainable Food Packaging

To create the food package of tomorrow, we need to face our challenges of today. Get a quick overview of the most pressing sustainability challenges of the food packaging industry, from sourcing to end-of-life.

The future sustainable package - whitepaper

The future sustainable package

Curious about what the sustainable food package of the future looks like? Explore the initiatives we are taking to lead the sustainability transformation and create the world’s most sustainable food package.

Carton packages

A sustainable choice

Elevate your sustainability strategy with our packaging solutions.