Zeroing in on consumer preferences

Addressing the growing environmental and health concerns of consumers is a must – and that requires knowledge, expertise and out-the-box thinking. We are working closely with our customers every day to create new solutions that meet these demands.

COVID-19 has changed the consumer landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented event that disrupted the whole world and left people with new concerns and needs. COVID-19, food safety, the environment and economic issues are now the leading global consumer concerns. Consumers want to see manufacturers take more responsibility – but they also want to do their part and help reduce food waste and reduce climate impact.

Plant-based beverage processing

Beverages based on rice, nuts, grains and soybeans (RNGS) offer almost endless possibilities for new formulations and combinations. We can help fast-track your innovation at our Product Development Centres and we can suggest the right process for your new product. Our centres are equipped with processing technologies, advanced testing capabilities and food technologists to support your product trials.

Ever-changing preferences require new ideas

What should bean soup taste like in China? How would Americans like their hummus? Customers representing more than 150 brands are flocking to Tetra Recart® test factory in Lund to find out. That’s where they can develop new products such as mixed vegetables, beans and tomatoes, refined soups and sauces, both in terms of taste and packaging.

Helping a juice producer reduce CO2 and water usage

We helped a juice producer in North America reduce their environmental impact. Using innovative equipment that helps avoid, optimise, recover and compensate for resources such as energy and water, we were able to help them reduce CO2 emissions by 20% and cut water consumption by 30%, for a total annual savings of 0.5 million Euro.

Ultra-heat treatment gives greater flexibility

Ultra-heat treatment – UHT – maximises the destruction of microorganisms in dairy products and dairy alternatives. It is a flexible and cost-efficient technology that enables innovative product portfolios, a reduced carbon footprint and, in combination with aseptic packaging, long product shelf life.
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