Tetra Pak® R1

A flexible, high speed and highly automated form and seal machine

  • High level of automation which reduces the need for manual operation (one person only) 
  • Smart design for safe and easy operation 
  • Wide range of products to be filled using external fillers.
Tetra Pak® R1

Tetra Pak® R1 

A future-proof solution that grows with you – easy to add a package size and adjust line speed.


Speed variable in steps between 9,000 and 24,000 packages per hour.

Packages types

Tetra Pak® R1 supports the entire Tetra Recart® Midi family.


Everything from smooth sauces and chunky soups as well as vegetables, ready meals like pasta bolognese and pet food.


Carrier system

Enables use of external fillers

A unique transport system moves Tetra Recart® packages safely along the line, including the fill-and-seal machine and fillers. This mean external fillers can be combined with the Tetra Pak® R1 form-and-seal machine, increasing the range of possible filled products.

Multiple speed operation

Multiple speed operation

Widens the range of food categories

The speed of the machine can be set at 9 000, 12 000, 16 000, 20 000 or 24 000 packs per hour. Since the required process time for different food categories varies, this feature makes it possible to adapt production speed to suit wide variety of foods.

Encased working parts

Encased working parts

Low noise levels

All the moving parts are positioned on the side of the machine, which is enclosed in a metal casing and sealed with tight-fitting doors. The result is a plant environment with relatively low noise levels (76dB(A)) compared to industry norms.

Automatic carton loader (ACL)

Frees up the operators’ time

An operator is required to supervise the production start-up, but after that, carton blanks are fed into the form-and-seal machine automatically by the carton loader. This leaves the operator free to perform other tasks.

Induction sealing

Controlled, continuous sealing

The aluminium foil is heated under tight control, melting the plastic in the packaging material. The package is then sealed by pressure. The machine monitors critical parameters, and stops automatically if incorrect levels are detected.

PLMS data

PLMS data

Control and analysis

Packaging line monitoring system (PLMS) is a software tool used to automatically monitor and log the performance of Tetra Recart® packaging lines. The data can be used to analyze detailed production data and find ways for corrective actions and continuous improvement.

Operators interface

Operators interface

Operators work swiftly and efficiently

Several factors make this filling machine easy to operate: the Tetra Pak® Operator Panel with its intuitive touch-screen interface; large window enabling operators to watch production directly; and ground-level access to essential working parts.

Head space media

Head space media

Choose just steam or steam and nitrogen

It is possible to reduce the amount of headspace in the package by using steam. You can also choose to use both steam and nitrogen. An injection of nitrogen gas minimises the amount of oxygen in the package before final sealing. This is useful for vegetable products, for example, as it prevents product discoloration.

Package Types

Tetra Recart® Midi

Tetra Recart® Midi

340 ml, 390 ml, 440 ml, 500 ml