Where can I recycle?

Our cartons can be recycled in nine out of ten UK local authorities. To recycle them, you should rinse them out and then flatten them, before putting them into recycling bins or with other recyclables for collection. You do not need to remove the plastic cap as this is removed during the recycling process.

How are cartons recycled?

All our cartons are recyclable and can be made into new products. By keeping materials in use for longer, we can reduce waste and limit our environmental impact. It’s how we can achieve a healthier, cleaner planet and promote a circular economy.

Choose to reduce

Are you curious to know more about the life cycle of our cartons? Our cartons are made from mostly paperboard. Unlike packaging material that depends solely on fossil fuel sources, plant-based materials are replenished naturally over time, which can minimise your impact on climate change. Learn more about how beverage cartons are a good solution compared to other materials.

Decide to renew

On average, Tetra Pak cartons contain 71% paperboard. Packages made from renewable materials are essential for preserving the environment for future generations. We’re choosing a renewable approach to packaging, so you can too.

Case Study: Collaboration across the value chain.

Reducing the carbon footprint of food packaging is essential to creating more resilient supply chains. That's why Macphie chose Tetra Brik® Aseptic packages, which are made from predominantly plant-based materials.