Combining Tetra Pak® Services such as maintenance, automation & digital expertise, training, and upgrades helps you cut costs and boost performance. Every day we support our customers to succeed, here's some examples of what we have done in China and Argentina. 

Improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs in China

“A major manufacturer and brand owner in China wanted to improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance cost and improve staff competence for basic troubleshooting of their processing lines. They were also struggling with complicated procurement processes,” Priya Manoj, Services Solutions Manager, explains.

“To help meet these needs we offered the customer a Tetra Pak® Plant Care (TPPC) solution for four of their plants. Equipment reliability issues got addressed by having a dedicated Tetra Pak engineer on site who could also coach their staff in basic troubleshooting. Maintenance costs decreased by about 7.2%.  With successful results at these four plants, we extended the solution to 13 more plants in 2021.”

Connected workforce in a factory

A successful digital journey in Argentina

Martín Curti, Services Key Account Manager, gives an example of how we are guiding a large customer in Argentina on its digital journey. “We adapted the training in their service agreement to a digital format, Connected Workforce Lite+, which features instructional videos. We combined it with Competence Assessments for the operators and technicians – this helped motivate employees to follow the material. The customer was pleased because employees were able to learn without stopping production.”

Employees liked the training and used 100% of the content, so the customer upgraded to Connected Workforce PRO, combined with Digital Dashboards. Connected Workforce PRO offers an online employee collaboration platform, digital manuals and forms, and the foundation for the ‘paperless factory’.

Julia Martínez, Automation Engineer, adds: “The magic happens when we integrate our services into a customised solution for each producer’s needs. For this customer we combined Connected Workforce with Competence Assessments and Digital Dashboards. These services build on Tetra Pak’s experience in its own factories and are helping the customer achieve continuous digital management of its plants.”


What’s your untapped potential?

A food & beverage producer saves €500,000 per year thanks to an integrated service solution from us. This solution is based on a 360° analysis of the customer’s needs.

Ask your Tetra Pak representative for an analysis to discover the untapped potential in your operations. With this data in hand, we’ll propose a customised solution that addresses your needs. 

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Connected Workforce – boost collaboration, learning and skills

Connected Workforce supports a culture of continuous improvements. According to the World Class Manufacturing philosophy, improvements are driven by changes in the way of working.

Tetra Pak Plant Care for convenience and predictability

Tetra Pak Plant Care is a service solution for you who want convenience and predictability for your equipment’s performance and uptime.

Tetra Pak Training Services for training and development

With dedicated instructors and experts in the field, our Training Services provide your staff the knowledge and guidance they need to perform at their best.