Increase profitability with Tetra Pak® PlantMaster

A juices, nectars and still drinks producer increased capacity, efficiency and profitability.

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Case in short


A producer of juices, nectars and still drinks production in southern Europe.


  • Grow the number and size of their plants
  • Add integration and increase the level of automation
  • Improve their production efficiency


  • A completely automated plant
  • Greater efficiency and profitability
  • Full control of food safety and quality
  • Full in-plant traceability

“A plant management system has to let us easily calculate every part of an operation, allow us to optimize the processes and make us more efficient. With the new Tetra Pak PlantMaster, we will have all the information needed for planning and production management”.

Feedback from Company Owner

Challenge – integration of equipment

Since this customer produces a total of 650,000 litres comprising 110 different kinds of products every day, they turned to us for help in integrating all the equipment, from different suppliers. They had lots of data but no solution for data exchange between the various equipment and supplier software. To enable them to grow, they needed a single IT system that would integrate the existing software systems and provide analytical data for management, getting reliable information on the activities happening on the shop floor. At the same time, they wanted to reduce the number of operators required, improve equipment and staff efficiency, manage orders and inventory, achieve traceability, and maintain quality.

Solution – a complete Tetra Pak® PlantMaster integration solution for processing, packaging, and ERP

To help this producer overcome their challenges and enable their growth, we provided them with a complete Tetra Pak PlantMaster integration solution for processing, packaging, and ERP. This gave them one management system that integrates existing software, handles production orders from SAP, and provides analytical data and stock information in real time. The solution included: material registration, material Interlocking, marking solutions, ERP Integration, LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) Integration, integrated reception lines as well as dashboards to visualize all the information and support better decision-making.

Result – more efficient, productive and profitable operations

Automation reduced the complexity of their manual operating processes, for more efficient productive and profitable operations. The producer has now a completely automated factory where a single operator can run the complete production line with the click of a button from a computer. It is very transparent, allowing them to quickly find the root cause of any problems, and letting them create reliable, accurate and user-friendly reports. They appreciate the simplified, streamlined and optimized operation, which saves time, prevents human error, avoids traces of allergens, saves on cleaning costs, reduces waste, prevents unnecessary downtime, minimizes overstock and cuts their costs. They have also achieved consistent product quality and full control of food safety, as well as end-to-end traceability from raw material to pallet of finished product.