Sales up by 11% compared to the previous quarter

A leading brand of nectar drinks wanted to regenerate interest in their brand at a time when sales were badly affected by the circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic. A scan and win promotion was a way to make a closer connection with mothers who are seen as the prime decision-makers purchasing nectar drinks for their children. 

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Challenge – regenerate interest in brand

This particular brand of nectar sold in Tetra Brik® Aseptic Slim 200 ml packages is a drink consumed by children and the colourful cartoon pack design reflects this. The challenge was how to make a closer connection with mothers who are the prime decision-makers and the ones who put this drink into their children’s lunchbox or take it with them on a walk with their kids, for example. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new initiative was needed to engage with mums as sales in the nectar category were adversely affected due to changing shopping habits and less time spent outside.

Solution –  scan and win promotion

A digital solution such as a scan and win promotion made a perfect fit considering the circumstances of the pandemic when people were spending more time at home in front of their phones. 

To participate, consumers were required to download an app, available via Google Play and Apple Store, and then register through Facebook, Google or by e-mail. The app was used to scan the unique code on Tetra Brik Aseptic Slim 200 ml packs whereupon a scratch and win digital coupon appears. If the consumer wins, an e-mail is sent with instructions on how to redeem the prize. At the same time, consumers were able to access relevant content about recipes, health, fashion and entertainment tips for their kids. 

Through the app, the brand-owner was able to send key messages which positioned the brand as an ally supporting mums in their daily lives as well as rewarding them with instant prizes such as air time and gift cards.

We supported the brand-owner throughout the process including overseeing the printing of the unique QR codes onto packs in their factory, creating the right messages on the pack and developing the app. We provided tools for real-time scanning data so the customer could gain a better understanding of who is purchasing their products. 

About 15% of the marketing budget was allocated to prizes while the remainder was used to cover advertising and marketing costs. The promotion was advertised on cable TV, radio and in outdoor media on posters as well as using social media platforms, Google ads and YouTube. Five female influencers were sponsored to promote the campaign with a potential audience of thousands of followers. In-store promotions were arranged at 30 top super-markets. An estimated one million people had the opportunity to see the campaign. 

Results achieved

The promotion led to a recovery in nectar sales and exceeded the objective of 15,000 scans by a good margin with nearly 26,000 scans recorded. Sales in the fourth quarter of 2020 at the time of the campaign increased by 11% compared to the third quarter. Beyond an increase in sales, another real benefit for the brand-owner was in gaining a deeper insight into their customers: who they are, what they buy and where they buy the product.

Case in short


10K downloads, 15K scans

Increase brand re-purchase


8.5K downloads, 25.9K scans, 1.1K prizes (redemption rate of 1% with 744 winners) 

Sales increased by 22% vs. Q2 2020 and by 11% vs. Q3 2020.