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Our industry is constantly changing and food manufacturing technology continues to advance. We design our upgrades to meet your needs and extend the lifetime of your equipment, and even have it perform better than when it was new. The possibility to upgrade can make a significant difference in protecting your investment when you're looking to stay ahead of the competition.


Upgrades for Sustainability and Productivity

Tetra Pak® Upgrades help you to secure productivity gains and meet your sustainability goals.

To address the challenge of securing future sustainability – many businesses including Tetra Pak have set long term ambitions on how manufacturing sites are expected to operate. It is clear through targets set that there are common areas of focus that manufacturers see as opportunities to make the most positive environmental impact.

CIP Improvements

CIP Improvements can help improve the entire line of CIP process in various aspects such as automation, report generation and customization of CIP as per production requirements, resulting in improved control, safety and efficiency of the process.

Water Recovery Solutions

We help implement methods to recover water from plant processes. Recovered water can then be used for other purposes.

Mix Phase Reduction

Mix Phase Reduction enables the customer to reduce product losses when switching between water and product and vice versa, thus increasing operational efficiency.

Energy Recovery

To reduce carbon footprint, Energy Recovery Upgrade allows you to recover heat during pasteurization process that can be subsequently used to heat hot water used during the mixing/batching process.

Eco Cooling Homogenizer

Eco Cooling Homogenizer upgrade helps in recirculating water used in cooling areas of the homogenizer, such as crankcase, gearbox, thereby reducing water consumption and environmental footprint.

Automatic refill and CIP of Homogenizer Dampers

Automatic Refill and CIP of Homogenizer Dampers is an upgrade that allows you to maintain an air cushion within the dampers during production, and clean them when required without manual intervention.

WEBINARS   |   UPGRADES   |   29 JUL 2021

How to Optimize Cost and Performance of your plant with Sustainable Upgrades Solutions?

Global consumer trends demand our customers to enhance sustainability across the value chain.

Incorporating sustainable manufacturing practices reduces the environmental and social impacts while ensuring the competitiveness of any food and beverage operation.

Tetra Pak® Upgrades can enhance performance in our customers’ operations by providing best practice solutions on our customers installed equipment.

In this webinar, we will share best practice improvement solutions that help to optimize your operational footprint, in the areas of:

  • CIP Improvements
  • Product Waste Reduction
  • Utility Recovery
  • Plant Productivity

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