​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Top new product trends on the ice cream market – and how to capitalize on them

As the demand for new and more sophisticated ice cream products continues to skyrocket, medium capacity producers need an extrusion line with the flexibility to handle a wide product range and changeovers on the fly. Our new best practice medium capacity extrusion line helps medium capacity producers capitalize on the growing trends – handling everything from cones and wafer cups with sophisticated swirls and fillings to candy bars and enrobed bite-size products.

​Cones and wafer cups with sophisticated swirls and fillings

Consumers are looking for cones and wafer cups with two flavours of ice cream swirled high together, ice cream filled with swirls of marmalade or caramel and products with different flavours such as coffee or caramel core-filled into a vanilla ice cream. Consumers also crave tasty inclusions such as pieces of chocolate or candy. Our best practice medium capacity extrusion line is completely servo-driven, enabling these advanced swirling and filling techniques, inclusions of up to 10 mm in diameter and lets cones and wafer cups swirl up to new heights. ​


Ice cream cones

​​Candy bars and enrobed bite-size products

As the health trend continues to grow, we also see a huge demand on the market for smaller portion sizes such as candy bars and bite-sized products enrobed in chocolate. Our integrated system for handling chocolate enrobed products has the smallest footprint and is the best solution on the market, making it easy for producers to capitalize on this trend. The hardening tunnel in our best practice medium capacity extrusion line does double duty – first it hardens the ice cream, then after the product has been dipped in chocolate, it hardens the chocolate as well. This saves producers from having a separate stand-alone after-cooler that’s takes up valuable space. ​

Ice cream chocolate bars

More about ice cream

Ice cream cones

Processing applications for Ice cream cones

How about a delicious cone with an enticing swirl of nuts and chocolate on the top? Tetra Pak has the filling line you need.

Ice cream sandwiches

Processing applications for ice cream sandwiches

With different ingredients - wafers, cookies, chocolate chips, nuts and caramel as well as ice cream - sandwiches provide plenty of scope for creativity!

Ice cream chocolate bar

Processing for ice cream bars and bites

Bar-snacks and bite sizes ice cream. We have developed a method whereby nuts and caramel are dropped into a continuous groove in the ice cream bar.