Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank

Buffering tanks that keep product and people safe

  • Provides safe storage between processing and packaging, which minimizes product losses
  • Cleaning in place and production monitoring enhance efficiency
  • Can be customized with e.g. agitators and cooling jacket, to further increase safety and quality
Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank

​​​​​Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank for intermediate storage

Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank is a fully automated unit used for the aseptic buffering of liquid food products such as milk, yoghurt, rice pudding, goulash and sauces. It offers uncompromised food safety and is available as a stand-alone unit or as part of our integrated lines. We can advise you on the most suitable tank model whether your product is high or low viscosity, with or without fibres, with smaller or bigger particles, etc.

The tank unit comes in a range of three models and tank sizes with a large number of options including different agitators.

  • Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank LV – Preferred for low to medium viscosity products. It consists of a valve cluster and a vertical tank with a dome-shaped bottom.
  • Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank HV – Preferred for medium to high viscosity products. It consists of a valve cluster and a vertical tank with a cone-shaped bottom.
  • Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank HH – Preferred for low to high viscosity products with particles. It consists of a valve cluster and a horizontal tank with a gentle agitator.

Quick facts


Wide range of tank sizes.


Dairy products, beverages and prepared food. Can handle fibres and smaller particles.

Performance guarantee

Guaranteed running time of up to 122 hours depending on the application.​​



Maintain homogeneity of sedimentation-sensitive products

Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank can be fitted with different types of agitators that stir the product continuously to ensure a homogenous consistency. Producers can choose between top-mounted agitators placed in the middle (or off centre) of the tank's interior, or magnetic agitators placed at the bottom.

Low fouling end valve cluster

Low fouling end valve cluster

Prevents burnt particles entering the product

An end valve cluster prevents fouling in the pipes and so safeguards product taste and consistency, especially with ESL products. The longer the product runs, the greater the risk of fouling and, therefore, the more vital this feature is.

Overpressure with sterile air

Overpressure with sterile air

Stops contamination from outside the tank

Thanks to sterile air over-pressure in the tank, no external substances can enter and contaminate the product.

Independent cleaning

Independent cleaning

Increases line efficiency

The combination of an intermediate steam barrier (ISB) and high volume tank (optional) means you can clean the Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank tank separately from the UHT unit. When the tank is filled, the processing unit can be cleaned and prepared for a new production run, thus eliminating the need to stop the line.

Safety rail and ladder

Safety rail and ladder

Increase workplace safety

A frame built around the ladder ensures the safety of operators climbing up the side of large tanks. An additional circular safety rail prevents accidents when operators are working on top of the tank.