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Increasing recycling at scale

Food packaging plays an essential role in feeding people throughout the world, but when it is not collected and recycled, it can be a source of waste1. Achieving this requires decisive action and collaboration along the full recycling value chain.

Our paper-based cartons are already recyclable in many countries where recyclers that can recover the fibres, plastics and aluminium from our packaging have access to collected and sorted cartons. But it’s not the same story everywhere, as packages in many countries don’t get collected for recycling. 

To increase recycling at scale, we plan to invest around €120 million in local collection and recycling value chains in the coming years.2

Collaborating to expand recycling capacity

We are investing in recycling infrastructure projects all over the world, from Australia, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia to Poland, Turkey and many more3.

For example, we’ve partnered with the Dong Tien Packaging and Paper Co., Ltd., co-investing more than €3.5 million to upgrade and expand the recycling capacity of used beverage cartons in Vietnam.

The new recycling line, which will be ready before end of 2023, will enable the production of recycled pulp that can be used to make industrial paper rolls such as testliner, as well as consumer products like toilet paper and napkins. This will help raise the value of used beverage cartons and increase income for collectors.

Co-developing new applications for recycled materials

With our active support, Dutch start-up Recon Polymers BV opened a new plant in the Netherlands with a capacity that will be progressively upgraded to 7 kilo tonnes input of polyAl (polymer and aluminium from cartons), per year. Recon Polymers is working to expand their product range and exploring new applications for recycled materials from polyAl.

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