A collaboration model for carton recycling

At Tetra Pak our ambition is that all packages are collected, recycled and never become litter. To achieve that, we are working collaboratively across the recycling value chain to:

  • Design for recycling 
  • Drive consumer awareness and engagement
  • Support collection and sorting
  • Expand recycling capacity and solutions 
  • Grow recycled material use and applications

We have an open approach to partnership and collaboration, working with food manufacturers, municipalities, recyclers and other stakeholders across the industry. 

We believe that collective action is key. Through collaboration, we’re working to advance the entire recycling value chain. By strengthening global carton recycling infrastructure, we can ensure cartons are transformed into new raw material and products, keeping valuable resources in use to help build a circular economy.

Join us in the journey of cartons recycling and be part of the circularity transformation. Contact our team here or connect directly with the local teams listed on the projects.

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Recycling capacity and solutions

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