We have an open, collaborative mindset

Building on a long tradition of innovation, we always aim to keep open minds and make room for the best ideas. That means embracing a collaborative way of working and bringing many perspectives to the table. As digital technology evolves, we strive to ensure we are always working with the latest and greatest developments. All this helps us solve our customers’ tough food and beverage challenges.

Portrait of Sridevi Marisetty

The sustainability imperative

Why are climate change and the circular economy priorities for the packaging industry?

Portrait of Elisabeth Baungaard

Pioneering research & development

How do you innovate towards renewable packaging, at scale, without compromising food safety?

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The power of collaboration

How can collaboration and innovation drive sustainable food value chains?

Portrait of Sridevi Marisetty

Digital solutions manager Sridevi Marisetty

I joined Tetra Pak in 2018 as a Digital Solution Manager, my current role today. I have over 18 years of experience leading strategic solutions in the telecommunications industry and joined Tetra Pak after 13 years at AT&T. My expertise includes leading multiple innovation programmes and delivering solutions from prototyping new product ideas to commercialisation.

Portrait of Elisabeth Baungaard

Food category engineer Elsebeth Baungaard

I first joined Tetra Pak over two decades ago as a Mechanical Designer. Since then, I have held several roles within the company including Team Leader for freezers, Technical Product Manager for components and R&D Project Manager. I recently took up the position of Portfolio Manager, in the product development centre for ice cream innovation, in Aarhus, Denmark.

Portrait of Abigail Dagadu

Food science lead Abigail Dagadu

As Tetra Pak America’s Center of Expertise Food Scientist, my main focus is ensuring food safety is maintained across the value chain, while researching new ways to improve the taste or nutritional value of products.

Lund university

New developments with Lund University in Sweden

We’ve entered a five-year strategic partnership with Lund University in Sweden. By creating a platform for industry professionals, students and professors to share ideas and resources, we collectively foster new solutions along the food value chain – from developing new and sustainable materials from forest resources to advancing emulsified products and innovating the package’s shape and format.

Children with carton

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

At the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Tetra Pak collaborates with Almage Lab on projects relating to AI and human-machine interaction. This work involves using AI and deep learning to devise new ways of designing machinery. 3D pose estimation and posture analysis are also applied in developing new designs for human-operated machinery and improving existing machinery.

Other collaborative work with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia includes partnering with the High-Performance Real-Time Laboratory (HiPeRT Lab) on research that leverages AI to make the most of embedded computing power used by autonomous vehicles and machinery. With this project, Tetra Pak aims to help the lab accelerate deep learning algorithms on embedded devices and to improve safety in autonomous production machinery.


MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) has become one of the most effective channels for matching Tetra Pak’s industrial challenges with MIT’s renowned expertise. The collaborative relationship with MIT was established to enable us to develop advanced control technologies for the handling of packaging material, and to exploit the potential of machine learning and physical modelling.

Curious about how we innovate?

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Our innovation approach

From our foundation to our present-day operations, innovation has always been fundamental to what we do at Tetra Pak and to creating a better future for all.

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Focus areas

To us, innovation in the packaging and food and beverage industries means focusing on the use of sustainable materials, how we produce food and reducing waste.

Man with Tetra packages at blackboard

A heritage of innovation

A review of the most notable breakthroughs Tetra Pak has gone through from its founding in 1951 when the tetrahedron carton was first introduced.

Fantasy carton package design

Product innovation

Whatever your current vision, we’re dedicated to innovating both with you and for you to build a more resilient and profitable future.