April 6-8, 2021

CheeseExpo Global Online

CheeseExpo, the dynamic trade exposition pairing Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association with the world-renowned Center for Dairy Research, moves online as CheeseExpo Global Online April 6-8, 2021.  Industry innovations, world-class technical and marketing seminars, and crucial connections between suppliers and dairy processors remain at the core of CheeseExpo Global Online. 

CheeseExpo Global Online offers three days of valuable programming, networking, online exhibits and sponsorships opportunities.

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Tetra Pak at CheeseExpo

Tetra Pak® Cooker Stretcher DDA – Delivering maximum control for your pasta filata process

With a focus on yield improvement, product quality, and reduced environmental impact, we’ve developed the Tetra Pak® Cooker Stretcher DDA dry cooker for pasta filata cheese. Employing nine independent heating zones with integrated ingredient addition capabilities, you’ll learn how this innovative machine offers maximum control of a truly dry cooking/stretching process.

Tetra Pak speaker:

Peter Nelles, Technical Product Manager

on achieving maximum control of your pasta filiata

Peter Nelles, Tetra Pak