Connected Package - give your products a digital life

How is digitalisation changing the role of packaging?

A Connected Package platform allows food and beverage manufacturers to turn their packages into full-scale data carriers offering increased traceability, product information and experiences for consumers. In this webinar, we are looking at how we can unlock new opportunities to get more value from packaging. No longer is it only about product protection and functionality – it is about connectivity. The future of packaging is undoubtedly digital.

Topics discussed in the webinar:

  • What are the digital trends within packaging and how do these affect the food and beverage industry?
  • What is intelligent packaging and its value?
  • How can Tetra Pak help its customers prepare for the future and capture the opportunities of the connected package today?
  • Success stories – results and what we can learn.


Anders Andrén, Product Manager Automation Solution, Tetra Pak
Lisa Giovetti, Associate Manager Digital, Tetra Pak​​​

​Please note: Webinar in English

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