What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance is the remote monitoring of equipment conditions which allows prediction and prevention of potential catastrophic breakdowns.

Predictive Maintenance for Separator

A condition monitoring kit used to monitor the equipment condition is installed on the Separator. The data gathered by the condition monitoring kit is sent through an RSU (Remote Service Unit) to the Tetra Pak Cloud Analytical Platform, where the data is processed. The processed data is continuously analyzed by our Global Quality and Performance Management Center.

In case of an alarm, the Q&PMC contacts customer responsible for the site to carry out necessary actions to prevent potential failures. An SMS alert will be sent to the customer. After the actions are carried out, the equipment condition is monitored to ensure that everything is back to normal. A Predictive Maintenance report will be provided.

Tetra Pak’s ambition is to have a Predictive Maintenance offer covering the Separator and additional key components at our customers’ sites.

We take our commitment to reliability to the next level by predicting failures before they occur.
With our Predictive Maintenance offer, we are able to increase uptime, reduce waste and significantly reduce your risk of an unscheduled stoppage.

Improve equipment reliability with Predictive Maintenance

The primary customer need for Predictive Maintenance is to improve equipment reliability, which impacts production order fulfillment. Especially on the most critical assets in the full line, such as Separator, a proactive approach always pays off compared with reactive firefighting.

The question businesses should ask is:

“What would happen if we have a 2-day breakdown on this asset?”

Key Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

Avoid catastrophic failures

The main advantage of Predictive Maintenance is to prevent unexpected equipment breakdowns. By receiving alerts on the potential failure of a component, Service Engineers can turn an unplanned corrective task into a planned corrective task.

Depending on the component criticality, they might be able to avoid a catastrophic breakdown, increase machine uptime, and reduce cost.

Optimize maintenance approach

By monitoring the equipment condition, it is also reducing the amount of preventive maintenance work needed. This allows us to reduce both the planned downtime required for Preventive Maintenance and the Preventive Maintenance cost.

The maintenance tactic can be updated from predetermined to condition-based for some preventive maintenance tasks for Separators.

Reduce production waste

Preventing unexpected equipment breakdowns and minimising equipment downtime will ultimately lead to a reduction in production waste.

How Predictive Maintenance is Implemented


Identify the most critical functions in the Separator


Model Numbers:

  • 218 (B2)
  • 517, 518
  • 614, 617 with specification number starts 8812xx, 618
  • 714, 718
  • 818
  • 918
  • Other models on request

Functionality Example
Tetra Pak® Separator - Horizontal drive bearing


Interpretation of vibration data from sensors installed on the separator enables monitoring of the horizontal shaft and its components.

Components monitored
  • Bearings
  • Shaft
  • Coupling

Monitoring technique
  • Vibration sensor


Predetermined ➔ Condition-based
Examples: Major service tasks
Corrective ➔ Condition-based
Examples: Change bearing
Check task ➔ Condition-based


Monitor those functions with the help of sensors


Sending real-time data from sensors via secure cloud connections

Sensors send Real-time data via secure cloud connections to the Quality & Performance Management Centre. Our Quality & Performance Management Centre specialists analyze data and provide operational insights and alerts to the local staff.


Excecute Maintenance Plan

Skilled service engineers plan and execute a maintenance event based on the insights provided by the Quality & Performance Management Centre.

Why Choose Tetra Pak?

Unique insights at every step

Knowledge of critical functions

We’ve identified the most critical functions in your equipment. Sensors monitor these functions and send real-time data to our Quality & Performance Management Centre (QPMC) via secure cloud connections.

Expert analysis and alerts

Specialists at our QPMC analyses data to interpret patterns, develop algorithms, and provide operational insights and alerts to the local Tetra Pak staff (and customer contacts).

Skilled staff executing the event

Skilled service engineers plan and execute a maintenance event based on the insights provided by the QPMC Specialists.

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