Secure reliable production with high-quality parts and services

With high-quality parts for both Tetra Pak and non-Tetra Pak equipment, convenient ordering, flexible delivery and 24/7 customer service, we secure your parts supply to keep your production running. Add our stock management solution to the mix, and rest assured: you’ll always have exactly what you need.


Service Kits

Right Parts, Right Packaging, Right Fit, Right Instruction.

Service Kits are designed to help you conduct modular maintenance or regular care of your equipment in as little time as possible. They enable you to create a maintenance strategy for your equipment and optimize your production. They include what is required for every specific service and the most up-to-date genuine spare parts, to extend your equipment's lifetime and ensure it is running on the latest technology.

Maintenance Units

Your reliable choice for
Preventive Maintenance

To shorten maintenance time and increase equipment performance and reliability, Tetra Pak has developed maintenance units made up of many parts that together perform a function in the machine. With these pre-assembled, pre-set and pre-tested units, you can optimise maintenance, save time and make long term cost savings.

Parts Control
with the ePIMS App

Parts Management Made Easy

Parts Control with the ePIMS app helps you optimise the management of parts stock, storage and replenishment in order to reach operational excellence – in a cost-effective way throughout the lifecycle of your operations.


Parts Inventory Management to Boost Productivity and Optimize Capital Investment

Professional Parts Inventory Management can make a huge impact on any production regarding operational cost, production performance, production reliability and more.

Parts Inventory Management is one of Tetra Pak Services’ core competencies. With over 60 years of experience building up and fine tuning our Parts Inventory Management capabilities as well as our World-Class Global Supply Chain, we would like to share our experience to help you improve your own production capabilities.


How to Secure your Non-Stop Production with World-Class Parts Supply Chain?

In the food and beverage industry, keeping production going as it should with safety assurance is everything. Getting the right parts at the right time makes a big difference between smooth operation and expensive downtime.

In recent years, the global supply chain is getting more fragmented, resulting in high demand for a reliable and sustainable supply chain.

Tetra Pak Parts Supply Chain is here to help you overcome the challenges and help you deliver on your promise with higher quality and more convenient service. Learn more at our webinar.


Tetra Pak e-Business
for Parts and more

Minimize time spent time on non-value added activities and streamline your operations

Administration of part products and services orders can be challenging. Tetra Pak e-Business is a one-stop e-shop providing over 330,000 online products for customers to purchase parts, maintenance units, plant components, upgrades and consumables. Accessible the way you want, on any device, anytime and anywhere.

How e-Business can help you minimize time & cost on non-value adding activities?

Tetra Pak has developed its own online shopping solution “e-Business” which offers customers the enhanced service levels and improved visibility. Our mission is to provide customers the smooth and easiest way of doing business with Tetra Pak.

In this webinar, we will take you through:

  • What are the global trend and customer demand of e-commerce?
  • What is Tetra Pak e-Business?
  • How to minimize time & cost on non-value adding activities via Tetra Pak e-Business.

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We welcome all food and beverage professionals. Our agenda covers a wide range of aspects and topics of interest. Let us share our expertise to help make your food and beverage operations more efficient and profitable.

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