What is Tetra Pak e-Business?

Tetra Pak e-Business is a one-stop e-shop for our customers to purchase parts, maintenance units, plant components, upgrades and consumables. Accessible the way you want, on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Challenges businesses are facing?

Administration of part products (>330,000) and services orders can be challenging. For example, a large-sized dairy customer generates 100~200 orders with more than 2000~3000 items per-week in parts procurement alone. Other common challenges faced by customers:

wrong information

Insufficient information leads to incorrect products ordered

Placing a parts order the traditional manner can be difficult due to finding the correct information for hundreds or thousands products, leading to incorrect parts or products ordered.

duplicated orders

Duplicated orders

Without a comprehensive track and overview of historic quotation or enquiries, customers often create duplicated POs, resulting in the need for order cancellation or returns.

Complicated processes

Complicated processes

Manual checking or paperwork are always time consuming; they can easily cause delays in creating the PO. Such delays can result in unplanned machine stops and potential losses due to the delay of goods shipment.

No traceability

No traceability

The inability to track goods shipments, especially in the emergency scenarios e.g during a machine breakdown, makes business planning challenging

The hidden cost of non-value added activities in order management

Studies show that more than 80% of operational costs are generated by non-value added activities that are not visible or measurable within organizations. Increasing working efficiency and productivity has become a key area of improvement for many businesses.


Administrative costs Premium freight costs Pricing or billing errors 


Extra documentation Time with dissatisfied customers  Unplanned machine stop costs Excess overtime Late paperwork Excess inventory


Key benefits of Tetra Pak e-Business

Minimizing time on non-value added activities is key in a highly efficient and streamlined business environment.



Parts, Maintenance Units, Plant Components, Consumables & Upgrades. Everything you need, all in one place.



Streamlined design and a clean, user-friendly interface. Select products, choose delivery option and order – all in just a few clicks.



Plan, track and manage your order the easy way. Our global supply chain ensures that your order is accurate and on time.

Comprehensive catalogue

Tetra Pak e-Business provides an inventory of over 330,000 kinds of online products, including Tetra Pak genuine parts, maintenance kits, plant components, upgrade parts and consumables. This comprehensive catalogue covers the full range of our customer’s needs across processing and packaging equipment, and beyond – from Tetra Pak and other suppliers.


Genuine Parts

Peace of mind knowing that all parts sourced via Tetra Park are 100% genuine.

  • Genuine Tetra Pak® parts for reliable performance
  • Warranty on all supplied parts
  • Flexible delivery options (incl. emergency service)
  • Management of parts logistics


Maintenance Units

Reduce downtime with regular maintenance 70 different part families including:

  • Cutting Jaws
  • Pressure Jaws
  • Yokes
  • Peroxide Pumps


Plant Components
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Measuring instruments
  • Integration components
  • Automation & electrical components



• Tetra Pak® CapFix
• Tetra Pak® StrawFix
• Tetra Pak® TrayFix



TETRA PAK® UPGRADES are retrofittable kits, pre-defined products or customised solutions, that further improve the performance of installed equipment.

Ease of use for reduced administration

Customer centric design
streamlines ordering process


Our customer-centric design streamlines the ordering process with a clean, user-friendly interface that significantly improves the user experience.

Search and select products, choose delivery option and order – all within a few clicks.


Intelligent searching

Users no longer need to remember the exact product number in order to easily find the correct part. With auto suggestions, advanced filtering, spell checking, and synonyms support, Tetra Pak e-Business Intelligent searching allows users to quickly find the right part or service within a few clicks.

Search entire product replacement chain,
including replaced or discontinued products

Search entire product

With constant product improvements, it is crucial for users to be able to search for parts that that have been replaced or discontinued. Tetra Pak e-Business allows users to now display not only available parts, but over 120,000 cancelled and discontinued products parts. Advanced filtering options allow toggling between available and discontinued parts.

Bulk Upload / Order

Gain efficiencies with Bulk Upload. Users are able to create a bulk order (up to 300 items) and check out in a few minutes by uploading or pasting in a product list.

A built-in replacement logic automatically notifies users when products have been replaced. In the case of discontinued products, a notification advises the user that selected products have been discontinued suggests next steps.

Efficient supply management


wrong information


The most cost-efficient option for users with scheduled, non-urgent shipments. Better planning means fewer remaining orders and more completed deliveries, reducing freight cost and thus impact on environment. A 3% discount is offered directly on the invoice - immediately providing savings on maintenance costs. For this option, users should allow for a minimum of 3 (three) weeks lead time for delivery from date of order confirmation.

Scheduled weekly deliveries

  • Highest availability
  • Reduced freight cost
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • 3 % discount

When to use:

  • Planned refill of stock items
  • Regular maintenance parts and services

Lead time: Min 3 weeks

wrong information


This option offers same-day dispatch service for order confirmations issued before a daily cut-off time (15:00hours) Monday to Friday. Order confirmations issued outside these hours will generally be dispatched next working day.

Same day dispatch

  • Flexible options to meet your needs
  • Choose between Air Express or Road Economy
  • Choose day of arrival

When to use Priority:

  • Risk of machine stoppage
  • Unforeseen needs

Lead time: 1-3 days

wrong information


Provides delivery through selection of the fastest practical route available through selected transportation providers. Customer also obtains access to Tetra Pak's 24-hour emergency service - guaranteeing premium support when users need it most i.e. in the case of any unplanned machine stoppage.

Emergency service

Provides delivery through selection of the fastest practical route

  • Gets your business up and running quickly
  • Closely monitored by 24/7 team
  • Hand carried by Tetra Pak couriers
  • Next-Flight-Out
  • Courier Air Express (premium services)
  • Money-back guarantee if confirmed delivery date is not met

When to use Express:

  • Machine stopped
  • High risk of machine stoppage

Lead time: ASAP


Deliveries in transit of completed orders can be tracked from within e-Business, giving users full access to the transportation status in real time. Tetra Pak’s door-to-door delivery and customized transportation options are developed to meet the different transportation needs of our users. Our parts supply chain together with global transportation partners ensure your order is accurate and on time.



Tetra Pak is continuously investing in the development of e-Business 3.0. A smooth shopping experience leads to increased customer productivity.

Helping businesses succeed.
See our case studies:

  • A customer requests for a quotation for TPMS 1500
  • Due to extensive list of items, quotation takes up to 2 days to manually prepare
  • Confirmation from client can add days of delay as well.

e-Business Solution
  • Simple upload of parts list allows clients to view unit prices of all spare parts, with images and even inventory status
  • Confirmation of orders takes just a few clicks

  • Businesses save shorten the process from inquiry to order confirmation by a minimum of three days
  • Increased working efficiency of the purchasing process ensures that parts are delivered to locations at the required time

  • Searching for parts for older and obsolete plant components can be challenging, especially when documentation is no longer present.
  • Frequently, incorrect parts are ordered, resulting in businesses needing to organise returns, face downtime and thus losses.

e-Business Solution
  • Numerous search options available within Tetra Pak e-Business allows users to search for, and confirm that ordered parts are correct.
  • Advanced search features streamline the process of identifying the correct part, reducing chances of errors.

  • The right parts are easily identified and ordered
  • Chances of ordering incorrect spare parts greatly reduced, simplifying inventory management
  • Delays in production similarly reduced as a result

  • When part numbers are not easily available, the chances of placing an incorrect order is high.

e-Business Solution
  • By allowing searching of parts using images, businesses are able to quickly verify that the part on order is the correct component.
  • With advanced filtering and recommendation features, businesses reduce their costs and wasted time, thereby increasing operational efficiency.

  • Correct parts are identified quicker
  • Chance of placing an incorrect order reduced
  • Correct parts can be delivered on schedule, reducing production downtime

  • Traditional methods of placing an order can result in production downtime.
  • How can parts be delivered as quickly as possible, in order to reduce production losses?

e-Business Solution
  • Tetra Pak’s e-Business allows users to track their orders in real-time, keeping users updated of delivery statuses at all time.
  • Seamless coordination between Tetra Pak and logistic partners aim to reduce unnecessary delays, allowing businesses to restore or maintain production as quickly as possible.

  • Transit and delivery times of critical parts can be reduced by as much as 8 hours
  • Real time logistics tracking helps businesses to reduce production downtime as much as possible.


How e-Business can help you minimize time & cost on non-value adding activities?

Tetra Pak has developed its own online shopping solution “e-Business” which offers customers the enhanced service levels and improved visibility. Our mission is to provide customers the smooth and easiest way of doing business with Tetra Pak.

In this webinar, we will take you through:

  • What are the global trend and customer demand of e-commerce?
  • What is Tetra Pak e-Business?
  • How to minimize time & cost on non-value adding activities via Tetra Pak e-Business.

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