Tetra Pak and Uniboard team up to advance carton recycling in Egypt

State-of-the-art recycling plant boosts capacity and showcases both companies’ commitment to more efficient waste management and increasing the circularity1 of packaging materials.

Background and initiative – cooperating to enhance carton package recycling in Egypt

In a significant effort to increase carton package recycling in Egypt, Tetra Pak and Uniboard, the country's leading paperboard producer, have joined forces to set up a cutting-edge recycling plant. The collaboration represents a substantial step forward in Tetra Pak's continuing commitment to enhancing carton package collection and recycling worldwide. Recycling capacity for carton packages in Egypt requires improvement to effectively manage the waste stream and enhance the circularity of these packaging materials.

The results – boosting Egypt’s recycling capacity through collaboration and sharing expertise

Tetra Pak and Uniboard's collaboration resulted in the establishment a state-of-the-art recycling plant with an impressive annual capacity of 8,000 tonnes. The joint investment of over €2.5 million showcases both companies' dedication towards more sustainable waste management practices. Tetra Pak's contribution to the initiative extends beyond financial support. The company brings its expertise in recycling technologies and extensive knowledge derived from longstanding collaborations with recycling solution suppliers worldwide.

The new recycling plant for carton packages in Egypt is expected to have multiple significant impacts. The facility will augment the recycling capacity for carton packages in Egypt, promoting a more efficient and sustainable waste management system. Tetra Pak's commitment to collaborating with industry players and relevant stakeholders demonstrates the company's dedication to fostering the development and implementation of effective waste management policies and practices.

Looking ahead – a blueprint for recycling infrastructure in Egypt and beyond

The successful establishment of the recycling plant marks a milestone in Tetra Pak's efforts to increase carton package recycling. We aim to build on this momentum and continue collaborating with industry stakeholders and local authorities to drive sustainable waste management policies and practices in Egypt and beyond. Through continued dedication and strategic collaborations, Tetra Pak is committed to leading the way towards increased recycling and circularity in the packaging industry.

1The circular economy refers to a system in which materials never become waste and are kept in circulation through processes including recycling, reuse and composting. It tackles environmental challenges by decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources. Source: Ellenmacarthurfoundation.org, What is a circular economy?

Leading paperboard producer sets up new recycling plant for beverage cartons in Egypt

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