​​​​​​By improving equipment performance beverage producer is able to meet higher sales demand across a wide product portfolio  

Increasing Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency from 86% to 93% and reducing downtime increases output  

​This multifaceted beverage producer in the Americas co-packs for international brands and also markets a product range under its own name. Thanks to rapid sales growth spread across a large number of stock keeping units (SKUs), it started to reach the limits of its production capacity. Meeting this increased demand without investing in new equipment required improving Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME) and minimising downtime.  

​Tetra Pak® Plant Care agreement restores equipment to basic condition, improves equipment performance and enhances operator skill levels  

A Tetra Pak® Plant Care agreement was implemented, assigning an onsite engineer (OSE) on a part-time basis. The OSE carried out an assessment to restore equipment to basic condition, coordinated maintenance activities and implemented recommendations based on the Tetra Pak Maintenance System (TPMS).  

The agreement was then extended for two more years and more lines were included, with a performance guarantee on LMME (Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency). Tetra Pak also delivered quality training for operators and lab staff.  

​​​​Close collaboration between the customer and Tetra Pak has played an essential role throughout implementation. In particular, customised training and coaching has improved maintenance and increased equipment performance. 

Results achieved in 12 months

  • Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME) increased: 86% to 93%
  • Equipment uptime improved
  • Tetra Pak maintenance