Circularity gets a boost in Southern Europe

Packaging circularity turns into life when all materials are recycled and turned into new valuable products. Tetra Pak has joined forces with EcoRevive and Ecoplasteam, innovative companies specializing in recycling technology, to increase polyAl recycling capacity in Europe.

The two mentioned polyAl recyclers have a combined annual capacity of 14,000 tonnes and the objective for 2023 is to utilise this entire capacity while promoting sustainable and long-term business.

The challenge & solution

Effective recycling of PolyAl

Beverage cartons, containing polyAl, have been recycled in places with proper collection and recycling facilities. However, the challenge lies in separating the different materials in food packaging like cellulose fibre, plastic, and aluminium.

Ecoplasteam's EcoAllene® is a game-changer, ensuring food packaging recyclability. The collaboration with Tetra Pak aims to install new production facilities near paper mills in Spain, France, and Germany, empowering the innovative company to recycle over 300,000 tonnes of polyAl packaging.

EcoAllene®'s production requires significantly less energy compared to virgin plastic, leading to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Balled beverage cartons
The impact & value

New valuable materials

The collaboration strengthens Ecoplasteam's polyAl recycling infrastructure, ensuring that beverage cartons are transformed into valuable raw materials and contributing to the circular economy. EcoAllene®'s versatile applications, ranging from stationery and household items to work tools and toys, benefit various companies in Italy and abroad.

Tetra Pak and Ecoplasteam share a strategic role in the value chain, fostering a network of partners to find innovative solutions for environmental and societal impact. By recycling polyAl components, they promote responsible waste management and resource conservation.

Products from recycled polyAl
Looking ahead

Shared vision for the future of recycling

Tetra Pak and Ecoplasteam aspire to identify new opportunities for turning post-consumer beverage cartons into reusable materials. With a shared vision for the future of recycling, we are committed to developing circular solutions that benefit the environment and society.

By raising awareness and fostering relationships with paper mills across Europe, we aim to impact polyAl recycling and enhance circularity in the industry. By participation in Tetra Pak's 'Go nature. Go carton.' campaign, together we will continue to increase awareness and highlight the value of polyAl recycling in the journey towards a sustainable future.

Collected beverage cartons

1The non-fibre component of carton packages is known as polyAl, which designates the layers of polyolefins and aluminium being used as barrier against oxygen and humidity to protect the food content in aseptic carton packages.


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