New Zealand full carton recyling solution - Save Board

Recycled materials and applications

Closeup of board made from recycled cartons

We support start-up recycler Save Board to transform New Zealand’s used cartons via a full carton recycling process to create construction materials like under-tile flooring.

This will be a full carton up-cycling initiative taking post industrial and post consumer carton packages, turning them into valuable building materials via a 100% yield, low energy input process requiring no additives other than facing materials of which the majority also come from recycling processes. The factory output will be primarily a 1200mm x 2400mm board product ranging in thickness from 6mm to 30mm. Applications within the construction industry will vary from flooring and internal walls to roofing substrate and rigid air barriers.

Construction site with boards made from recycled cartons

The plant will be commissioned in Q4 2021. Demand from the building industry for products with low embedded carbon with high environmental credentials is already strong and strengthening – this solution to recycling cartons plays exactly into that market demand.

Recycled board used in interior decoration

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