Innovative polyAl-based1 pallet launch marks success in Italy

CPR System and Lucart, a leading player in the recycling arena in Europe, collaborated to address a growing challenge to advance carton recycling and create new solutions for non-fibre components.

As Lucart's plant in Tuscany, Italy, amplified its commitment to recycling used beverage cartons, a surge in polyAl rejects presented a logistical hurdle. To tackle this issue and fortify polyAl recycling, Lucart joined forces with CPR System, a major player in retail logistics. 


Managing polyAl rejects

Lucart, a company that recycles beverage cartons, had to deal with a problem when its polyAl rejects volume started increasing. To address this issue, they came up with a unique solution to ensure a stable and consistent outlet for the conversion of their polyAl rejects into recycling businesses.

Newpal recycling facility

Returnable polyAl-based pallets

To ensure a reliable outlet for polyAl, Lucart and CPR System collaborated to create Newpal in 2019, a company dedicated to pioneering the production of returnable polyAl-based pallets. This innovative venture aimed to replace wooden pallets with those made predominantly from polyAl, offering a sustainable and durable solution to managing polyAl rejects and creating a market demand for recycled products.

Going further, Newpal invested in a state-of-the-art plant using a low-pressure injection moulding process. This facility began operations in early 2023, with the capability to produce up to 250,000 polyAl-based pallets per year, containing an impressive 70% recycled polyAl. By creating a robust polyAl outlet, Newpal addressed the logistical challenge and contributed significantly to Tetra Pak's key mission of expanding carton package collection and recycling, diverting materials from landfills.

PolyAl based pallet

Additional investments and new production line

The successful launch of the plant has generated substantial interest among logistics operators and retailers. Recognising the potential environmental and logistical benefits, discussions are underway to support an additional investment for a second production line. This expansion initiative aims to double the production of pallets, further amplifying the impact on polyAl recycling rates in Italy.

Newpal's venture aligns seamlessly with Tetra Pak's commitment to sustainable practices, offering a tangible solution to the challenges posed by polyAl rejects. As the discussions for expansion progress, Newpal stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving positive environmental change.

PolyAl based pallet with QR code

1The non-fibre component of carton packages is known as polyAl, which designates the layers of polyolefins and aluminium being used as barrier against oxygen and humidity to protect the food content in aseptic carton packages.

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