​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Processing applications for ​pasteurized & ESL milk​​

The bywords in this segment are efficiency, safety and, of course, flavour. How do you produce at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality?

We are here to support you, with our unrivalled expertise in chilled dairy processing. While most suppliers focus exclusively on the equipment itself, we strive to develop the technology that lies behind it. We also carry out detailed studies of milk and examine how the raw materials behave when heat-treated and processed in different ways. Our research - which includes academic studies in cooperation with world-class universities - provides insights that continually deepen our application knowledge, and we gladly share our learning with you.

This approach explains how we have been able to develop the most efficient production equipment on the market, and how we can satisfy the dairy industry's need for efficiency, and hence profitability.

We naturally also help dairy customers develop processes that maintain the natural taste and characteristics of the product, while ensuring consumer safety and meeting the legal requirements. ​

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Best-practice lines for pasteurized & ESL milk

Pasterurized milk and cream line

Pasteurized milk and cream line

The line enables milk and cream producers to ensure uncompromising food safety and consistent high product quality while achieving a highly efficient process to secure the lowest total cost of ownership. It’s based on reliable equipment that works every day and lets us give performance guarantees on important parameters such as low cream giveaway and low energy consumption.
Bactofugation line

ESL-line: pasteurization + bactofugation

The pasteurizer in this line has an integrated centrifugal separator and can also include a spore removal separator (commonly referred to as bactofugation) to reduce microbiological load. This increases the products’ shelf life while maintaining the flavour of pasteurized milk. Every line is customized to match the customer’s preferences and prerequisites.
Tetra Lactenso Aseptic ESL microfiltration line

ESL-line: pasteurization + microfiltration

The pasteurizer in this line has an integrated micro-filter, which uses ceramic membrane filtration to reduce microbiological load and thereby deliver longer shelf life. The resulting products are highly appreciated by consumers. They are often labelled ‘filtered for purity’ and positioned as premium.
high heat line

ESL-line: high heat treatment

The pasteurization temperature of this line is higher than that of a pasteurized milk line, but lower than that of a UHT milk line. It targets organisms (bacillus cereus) to increase shelf life and can give producers the flexibility to run both UHT and ESL products on the same line.