Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit PFF with SSHE

First-class food through first-class knowledge

  • High and consistent product quality and uncompromising food safety
  • Supreme flexibility and future proof
  • Low operating cost
Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit PFF with SSHE

Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit PFF with scraped surface heat exchanger

First-class food through first-class knowledge


Quick facts:

Continuous, gentle indirect UHT treatment unit with scraped surface heat exchanger for viscous products, with or without particles, that keeps sensitive product in motion

1,000 – 1,500 l/h, others on request

Rice puddings and desserts


Inline blending

Ensures product quality

Our uniquely accurate continuous blending give your products consistent quality. Exactly the right amount of rice is introduced into the milk at all times, and the particles are continuously and evenly distributed throughout the product. The result is a rice pudding with exactly the right texture and colour. The same applies to other desserts produced in this unit – mousses, custards, fruit preparations and cream cheese.

Advanced recipe handling

Safeguards product quality

As part of Tetra Pak®’s advanced automation system, cooking time, cooking temperature and filling temperature can all be pre-set. This makes it is easy to configure new recipes and prevents the risk of human error.

Tangential inlet

For product handling

The product flows naturally through the heat exchanger, thanks to a tangential inlet. Since no change of direction is necessary, there is very little impact on the product.

Built in scrapers

Ensure uniform heat transfer

Inside the heat exchanger, scrapers continuously remove product from the cylinder walls. This ensures uniform heat treatment, and prevents the product from fouling and thereby avoids a burned taste.

Integrated rotor lift

Facilitates inspections and maintenance

The heat exchanger is equipped with a built-in, hydraulically driven rotor lift. Easily operated by a handle to the side of the unit, this lift means that maintenance and service jobs can be performed quickly and safely.