​​​​​​​​​​​​Our sustainability approach

We are constantly finding new ways to meet the evolving expectations of our market. This means we continue to provide safe, secure and sustainable products to our customers and consumers – and to do so responsibly. By understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we can create sustainable solutions to feed a fast-growing population. We also support individuals and communities in our business, our markets and our supply chains. By driving environmental innovation across the lifecycle of our products and in our own operations, we are demonstrating how a company like ours can do more with less.

Our sustainability work and focus areas are defined by our Sustainability Forum, which comprises ten senior leaders from across Tetra Pak who represent a wide range of areas of responsibility. Sustainability is also embedded as a pillar of our Strategy 2030, which will guide our company over the next decade and beyond.​

Working across the value chain

Our approach to sustainability encompasses our entire value chain, going beyond our own operations and our customers. We do this because we recognised, many years ago, that we can only create a more sustainable future by addressing the interconnected nature of the environmental, social and economic challenges we face. Our solutions work because they are joined up.
Tetra Pak operator inspecting carton package

Protecting Food

Our commitment to protecting food is embedded in our vision: to make food safe and available, everywhere. By working with our customers and partners to achieve this vision through our innovative and market-leading food processing and packaging solutions, we are contributing to SDGs 2 and 12. Moreover, by working to build sustainable value chains, such as through our participation in school feeding programmes and our Dairy Hub model, we are further contributing to these two SDGs.

Protecting People

We protect and enable our employees, promoting growth and development for all, and driving actions to ensure a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. This contributes to SDGs 4, 5 and 8. We also work to protect and support communities where we and our suppliers operate, including securing a responsible value chain that protects human and labour rights, further contributing to SDG 8.

Protecting Planet

We are working to protect the sustainable future of our planet and the long-term success of our customers, as well as our own business. Our strategic goals are to lead with low-carbon solutions for a circular economy, and to enhance sustainability across the value chain, from sourcing to production to the end of life of our products. This includes minimising emissions and waste, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, maintaining fresh water availability, and promoting recycling and circularity. Through these activities, we are contributing to SDGs 6, 7, 9, 12, 13 and 15.